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Episode 198: Samuel Moses | Founder and CEO of Sockrates Custom Socks

  1. Episode 198: Samuel Moses | Founder and CEO of Sockrates Custom Socks Mike Solitro 32:31

We welcome Samuel to share his story and answer 12 Questions in 30 Minutes

With a passion for entrepreneurship from a very young age, Samuel is the Founder and CEO of Sockrates Custom Socks, a company based in Boca Raton Florida which specializes in producing the highest quality custom socks at the fastest turnaround time. With over 4000 clients, Sockrates has emerged as the industry leader in its field with clients in the United States, Germany, France, Iceland, UK, Israel and Canada.

After graduating from the prestigious Schulich School of Business in Toronto, Ontario, Samuel worked for an Investment Banking consulting group where he was responsible for presenting research and findings to key C level decision executives within the banking industry around the world. Next he became a partner of an established market research firm in Toronto where he consulted on studies for companies spanning from 50 million in revenues to the Fortune 500.

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