1. Episode 187: Michaell Magrutsche | Artist, Strategist, Creativity-Awareness Educator, Speaker, and Author Mike Solitro 29:38

We welcome Michaell to share his story and answer 12 Questions in 30 Minutes

Austrian/Californian Michaell Magrutsche is a multidisciplinary artist, strategist (private, corporate and political) Creativity-Awareness Educator, speaker and author. 

Michaell works on raising the awareness of our limitless human-potential. Dyslexia/dysgraphia forced Michaell to develop an awareness to see the world contextually. Having a more human-centric perspective and art-creation saved his life feeling like a human being instead of an outcast. 

Today, Michaell’s unique comprehension allows him to contribute to almost every topic.

Michaell is an advocate for human-education and understanding neurodiversity.

Michaell is totally self-taught and wrote 6 books about art and humanity, man-made systems and human inclusivity. Creating-art taught him understanding the nuances of human-centric vs system-relevant living. 

In his book The Smart of Art, Michaell refines the misunderstanding of why 98-99% of artists worldwide exist around the poverty-level.

Connect with Michaell: https://MICHAELLM.com

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