1. Connecting Neurodivergent Jobseekers and Employers with Jhillika Kumar & Conner Reinhardt Mai Ling Chan & James Berges 40:31

We have two great guests in this episode! James sits down for a conversation with Jhillika Kumar and Conner Reinhardt, the CEO, and COO respectively, of Mentra. As a neurodiversity employment network, one of the goals of Mentra is to connect neurodivergent jobseekers with jobs, but it goes beyond that. Jhillika and Conner talk in depth about all the problems that Mentra aims to solve, why a neurodiverse workforce is an advantage, and how universal design fits into this discussion. They also share a bit about their own experiences with neurodiversity.

Mai Ling Chan MS, CCC-SLP

Mai Ling is an industry historian, tech startup founder, speech-language pathologist, and executive consultant to disability-focused businesses. She is dedicated to sharing people's stories and helping them create lasting change.