1. 2.8 Lea Durante, From Family Nurse Practitioner to Remote Integrative Health Coach WFHForever.com 41:12

In this episode, Lea Durante, a former family nurse practitioner turned integrative health coach, unfolds her transformative journey from traditional clinical work to a fully remote role. With a decade in primary care, Lea faced burnout and witnessed patients struggling with health insurance limitations, sparking her critical questioning of the healthcare system.

A pivotal moment, where a mother couldn’t afford inhalers for her son, exposed the flaws in the 15-minute model of patient care. Lea emphasizes its limitations in addressing overall well-being, leading her to transition to a remote integrative health Coaching role. Her approach, rooted in a community-based model, aims to empower patients, incorporating behavioral models for sustained change.

Reflecting on her pandemic experience, Lea highlights the mental health challenges faced by patients and the inadequacy of the traditional healthcare model. Leaving clinical practice for a remote role significantly improved her mental health and work-life balance, allowing the flexibility to prioritize family and meaningful work.

Lea shares insights into her unique remote office setup, the pivotal role of her husband’s support, and the decision-making process involving vision casting and negotiation. She encourages redefining success beyond societal norms and advocates for fixing charting issues, addressing health insurance challenges, and embracing the positive potential of AI in healthcare.

This episode provides a holistic view of Lea’s journey, emphasizing the importance of courage, commitment to change, and the pursuit of a patient-centered, remote wellness approach.

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