1. Stop the Diet Roller Coaster & Achieve a Healthy Weight WomenRoadWarriors.com 51:37

Did you make a resolution to lose weight in 2024? Don’t get sabotaged this year. Learn why

most diets don’t work and why new diet drugs are not the solution for healthy weight

loss. Diets only work in the short term. By year two, 99% of diets fail and often

many people end up at a higher weight than before they started. Don’t be a victim

of the $72 billion diet industry. Ditch the diet mindset. Jump off the diet

roller coaster by changing your relationship with food and lose weight

permanently. Tune into this episode of Women Road Warriors when Shelley Johnson

and Kathy Tuccaro speak with Jacquelyn Hackett, founder of Hackett Health. She

is an anti-diet registered dietician and Nutrition Mindset Coach who teaches

intuitive eating. She empowers women to embrace Self-Care, heal their

relationship with food, and find body confidence. She guides individuals towards a healthier,

more mindful way of nourishing body and soul. Jacquelyn has a double bachelor’s

degree in psychology and sociology and a master’s in nutritional science. She has helped

thousands worldwide lose weight and keep it off. Tune into Episode 109.




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Women Road Warriors is a show designed to empower and inspire women in all professions and walks of life. It is hosted by Shelley M. Johnson and Kathy Tuccaro. Shelley is a seasoned talk show host, broadcaster, journalist, writer, and producer whose voice has been heard in major markets across North America. Kathy Tuccaro is a woman's advocate and motivational speaker in Canada who empowers women and girls around the world with her powerful messages. She drives the world's biggest truck in the oil fields of Canada as her regular job.