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282 Ann Anderson Evans: A Wife’s Unanswered Questions About Transgender and Suicide

  1. 282 Ann Anderson Evans: A Wife’s Unanswered Questions About Transgender and Suicide Gail Zelitzky and Catherine Marienau 38:32

Ann Anderson Evans, age 82, lives in Vermont. She is a writer, linguist, and former professor. Her first memoir, Daring to Date Again (2014), which tells the story of what happened after she started dating at 62, won multiple prizes. Her sequel The Sweet Pain of Being Alive: A Memoir of Love and Death (Jan. 2024), narrates her attempt to find out why, after 13 happily married years, her husband killed himself. Her questions about his gender dsyphoria and suicide remain largely unanswered. Ann tries to heed the wisdom of the Buddhist saying, “You can’t change the past, the future hasn’t happened yet, so pay close attention to today.” The questions and answers have continued to unfold. 

Through contemplation about loss, aging, and evolving, I realize every day is an adventure; we must be willing to deal with whatever comes.

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