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Carol Marin, age 75, is an award-winning television and print journalist renowned for her nearly 50 years of investigative stories on politics, public corruption, and organized crime. In 2016, Carol co-founded and directs DePaul University’s Center for Journalism Integrity and Excellence where she teaches a two-quarter long course in Advanced Reporting for graduate students “ready to jump into the profession.” Ethical problem-solving is a cornerstone of the Center, guided by key principles such as “no great story is worth doing damage to a human being.” The social impact of Carol’s work as

an investigative journalist is legendary. Her multitude of awards and recognitions include three Peabody’s, two national Emmys, the Gracie Award, and the George Polk Award in Journalism. Carol has two books in the planning stages and enjoys a rich personal life with family and friends, cooking, travel, and horses.

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Email: cmarin@depaul.edu

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Gail Zelitzky & Catherine Marienau Women Over 70 - Aging Reimagined

The decades that begin in our 70s require resilience to deal with new challenges, gratitude for living longer, and inspiration to enrich our own and others’ lives. Hosts Gail Zelitzky and Catherine Marienau are two such women. Their stories and the stories of the over 200 women they have interviewed celebrate women’s enduring courage, compassion and contribution. Our compelling stories shatter the myth that we become irrelevant as we age.