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Catherine Hiller is inspired to write against the grain. In her current novel, Cybil Unbound, (her 10th book and 6th novel), she delicately characterizes an older woman and her new-found sexuality. Catherine believes the capacity to fall in love can strike at any age. “It is a rare depiction about sexual adventure in a woman’s later years. Cybill is 42 when the book begins, 72 when it ends.” 

An award-winning writer, Catherine’s pioneering work has been challenging social mores for decades. What she writes about is known in the real world and her descriptions seem to pose a philosophical interest. She seeks to find a language to describe our sexual emotions and is always on the quest to discover new ways to express things. 

Catherine asks: “Monogamy vs non-monogamy – can we be monogamous throughout our entire married lives?”  

Her last novel, The Feud, is about women competing in the workplace, and the book Just Say Yes: A Marijuana Memoir, was groundbreaking. A section of it was published in the New York Times, which also interviewed her about it. 

Hiller graduated summa cum laude from Brooklyn College and got a PhD in English from Brown University. She has lived in Brooklyn and Greenwich Village. She now lives with her husband in Westchester County and Sag Harbor, NY. She has three sons, two granddaughters and a dog.  

“Fiction can show us life’s possibilities.”

Connect with Catherine:

Email: www.catherinehiller.net 

Substack: The Pleasure Principle: Savoring Life After Fifty  https://catherinehiller.substack.com/


Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Catherine_Hiller

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