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March 8th, 2023

Forbidden Matter – The Incredible Story of the Discovery of Quasicrystals

  1. Forbidden Matter - The Incredible Story of the Discovery of Quasicrystals Tyler Gleckler 18:33

Today I’m introducing a new narrative series covering a wide range of topics, from the history of science, to recent archeological discoveries. This won’t be replacing my regular conversations, but instead will allow me an avenue to cover more specific topics, in more detail, and in an organized Fashion. I’ll also be posting this series in written form, which you can find on the Wiser Tomorrow Substack. I’ve been very excited to introduce this format to the Wiser Tomorrow project, and look forward to hearing the response.

To kick off this series, I’m going to begin by sharing what I consider to be one of the most compelling stories of a groundbreaking scientific discovery in the last hundred years. This is the discovery of quasicrystals, for which the Nobel Prize in chemistry was awarded in 2011, and which fundamentally changed our most basic understanding of matter and the universe. This is a story that began centuries ago, and will likely continue on far into the future, and marks a significant advancement in the fields of chemistry and materials science. This is also a story of perseverance, highlighting the importance of thinking for yourself, and following evidence, not the crowd. So please, sit back, and let me take you through a fascinating part of scientific history, for which there are surely more surprises to come. 

My name is Tyler Gleckler, I am a chemist by education, and the host of the Wiser Tomorrow Podcast. I am part of a generation who grew up watching and sometimes even idolizing online figures who championed science, education, and intellectualism. From Dr. Philip Mason to Professor Richard Dawkins, my teenage years were heavily influenced by these people and their ideas, and am evidence of their impact. In my search of a happy and productive career, I’ve come to realize that my dream is to share knowledge, foster curiosity, and highlight those who lead by example.

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