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June 25th, 2024

Math and Science in the First 5 Seconds – Ashley Christine

  1. Math and Science in the First 5 Seconds - Ashley Christine Tyler Gleckler 1:40:06 –

 @modernday_eratosthenes is a STEM communicator teaching people of all ages to better understand science, and appreciate recent breakthroughs in the world of STEM.

00:00 – Teaser
00:20 – Introduction
02:26 – Science and Religion 
15:39 –
17:53 – Escaping the Arab Spring
36:25 – Bots, bots, bots!
40:41 – Performance Artist to Mathematician
49:19 – Imposter Syndrome
53:02 – Name Change to Ashley Christine
1:03:15 – Math and Science on TikTok vs. YouTube vs. …
1:06:21 – Controversy
1:11:45 – The Future of ModernDay Eratosthenes
1:18:40 – Problems with Scientific Education and Careers
1:37:04 – The Big Revelation

Ashley's Pages:

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YouTube –
Twitter –
Facebook –

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My name is Tyler Gleckler, I am a chemist by education, and the host of the Wiser Tomorrow Podcast. I am part of a generation who grew up watching and sometimes even idolizing online figures who championed science, education, and intellectualism. From Dr. Philip Mason to Professor Richard Dawkins, my teenage years were heavily influenced by these people and their ideas, and am evidence of their impact. In my search of a happy and productive career, I’ve come to realize that my dream is to share knowledge, foster curiosity, and highlight those who lead by example.

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