1. Corey Gil-Shuster - Voices of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Tyler Gleckler 1:02:25

Today I’m speaking with Corey Gil-Shuster from “The Ask Project”, otherwise known as the “Ask an Israeli” / “Ask a Palestinian Project”. 

Corey asks viewer submitted questions to people across both Israel and Palestine, with topics ranging from food to religion. Corey’s work is among the best, and sadly the few, to be consistently documenting and sharing what real people think and feel, helping to educate those on both sides of the conflict about one another, as well as others elsewhere in the world.

As we discuss in our conversation, and is obvious to anyone who has studied or experienced this issue at any level, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is truly one of the most complex, tragic, and ceaseless geopolitical catastrophes in modern history. Corey’s work provides rare and much needed insight into the lives and perspectives of the people who have lived through the conflict.

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