1. Ep.299 – Harmony & Discord: Navigating Life's Rhythms with Paramore and Beyond (Part 2) James Cox & Blake Moseley 1:13:38

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Main Themes:

  1. Personal Struggles and Therapeutic Music: A candid conversation on how music provides solace during tough times, and its potential as a therapeutic tool for those dealing with mental health issues.
  2. Music Industry Insights: An in-depth look at the careers of renowned musicians, including the recent works of Taylor Swift and the evolution of Paramore’s sound, as well as their internal band dynamics and legal controversies.
  3. The Grammy Awards Analysis: The hosts dissect the significance of the Grammys, what it means for artists to win, and the impact it has on the music industry.
  4. True Crime and Music: A unique twist as the hosts brainstorm true crime podcast ideas that intersect with the world of music.
  5. Festival Fever and Disappointments: The When We Were Young festival is put under the microscope, examining both the excitement it generated and the letdowns that followed, such as weather-related cancellations.
  6. Mental Health Advocacy: The episode emphasizes the importance of support systems and professional help, while also discussing the negative impact of alcohol on mental health and sleep.
  7. Sponsor and Self-Promotion: Special thanks to the sponsors BetterHelp, Bones Coffee Company, and All Above Landscaping. Plus, a mention of the podcast’s merchandise and a guide to mental health resources available to listeners.

Throughout the episode, listeners are invited to reflect on how music touches their lives and are reminded of the importance of mental health. The hosts’ engaging discussion on Paramore’s journey, from their line-up changes to their cultural impact, adds a rich layer to the conversation. Elon Rubin and Aaron Gillespie’s contributions to music are highlighted, showcasing the behind-the-scenes talent that shapes the industry.
Don’t miss this episode’s powerful blend of personal stories, musical analysis, and a thoughtful take on the realities of the music industry, all wrapped up with a message of hope and Resilience. Tune in to feel understood, informed, and inspired.

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James Cox Podcast Host who has Cerebral Palsy

James Cox is an individual living with cerebral palsy. He has a podcast called “When Words Fail…Music Speaks” in which he discusses how Music can help with depression. James has lived with cerebral palsy all of his life, and now he wants to help people understand that living with a disability does not define who he is.

James’ dad is a retired colonel in the Air Force, so he lived in many different places such as the Philippines and bases in the southeast USA meeting many interesting people and gaining life experience. James has worked several different jobs over the years that allowed him the opportunity to meet new people and gain different outlooks on life. Places such as Central Carolina Tech College, The Sumter Library, Dave and Buster’s, and Outback Steakhouse.

James has been living on his own for five years now. Moving out of Sumter SC, he has been living up to his life long goal to live on his own and thrive despite his disability. He now lives in Columbia SC and has a part time job that he loves in addition to his podcast.