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June 6th, 2024

From Within: Kat Polsinelli's Resilient Rise, Ep. 74, S2

  1. From Within: Kat Polsinelli's Resilient Rise, Ep. 74, S2 Lisa Boate 50:54

From Within: Kat Polsinelli’s Resilient Rise

In this week’s episode of Transforming 45 as Lisa sits down with Kat Polsinelli, founder of The Lotus Effect, to explore the profound importance of wholeness and self-awareness in relationships. Together, they unpack the impact of coercive control and the crucial role of meaningful connections in the lives of young people. From processing pain to embracing growth, this conversation is a powerful reminder that healing is always possible.


  1. Our challenging experiences shape us but do not define us.
  2. Authenticity means showing up as your true self across all aspects of life.
  3. Meaningful conversations require self-awareness and empathy.
  4. Processing pain is a catalyst for personal growth and deeper connections.

Join Kat on her inspiring journey from navigating motherhood at a young age to breaking free from an abusive relationship and emerging as a beacon of empowerment. As the founder of The Lotus Effect, she empowers individuals to embrace their true potential and create lives filled with purpose and fulfillment. Don’t miss out on this transformative episode! 🎙️ 

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Lisa Boate Menopause Consultant and Coach

Lisa Boate is a Certified Menopause Coach, Consultant, and Host of the "Transforming 45" podcast. With a background in education, she specializes in empowering women through the challenges of midlife, including perimenopause and menopause transitions. Lisa's mission is to transform workplaces into menopause-friendly environments, fostering understanding, support, and empowerment for women. Through her podcast and coaching, she provides guidance, resources, and inspiration for women navigating this transformative phase of life.

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