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May 29th, 2024

Do you want to start an investment company to buy businesses?

Do you want to start an investment company to buy businesses and tell the seller you are going to preserve their culture and values?

Success isn’t always a straight line. Meet Sunny Vanderbeck. He built a thriving tech business, took it public, and was ready to sell and make millions. But when the first buyer backs out at the last minute, he’s left scrambling."

A second buyer steps in, only to declare bankruptcy, forcing Sunny to buy his company back. But he couldn’t buy it back directly. His life’s work hinged on an existing bidder. With the stars aligning, he managed to buy his company back for a third of the price.

Armed with the lessons from the first two buyers, he finally finds the right buyer and seals the sells is company for the last time. This is a story about how to sell your business without selling out and how he started an investment company to help sellers find the right buyers.

Tune in to ‘Top M&A Entrepreneurs’ to hear Sunny Vanderbeck’s incredible journey."

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entrepreneurship, selling a company, buying back a company, due diligence, being a good owner, long-term success, mergers and acquisitions, multiple capital, size and stability, asset classes, investment criteria, deal flow, debt, internet, good partner, ethics


• Being a good owner means caring about the long-term success of the business and making decisions that benefit all stakeholders.
• Due diligence is a crucial part of the acquisition process, and it’s important to focus on what you have to believe about the company and its future.
• Merging with another company can provide growth opportunities, but it’s essential to defend your organization from unnecessary changes.
• Building infrastructure and strong leadership are key to scaling a business beyond a certain point.
• Investors are more likely to believe in you as an entrepreneur if they have seen you operate and trust your abilities. Multiple capital is important in understanding the value of a business, but predicting the future is difficult.
• Size tends to imply more stability and reliability in earnings.
• Debt is a tool that can be useful in the right circumstances.
• Having a clear investment criteria helps in finding the right opportunities.
• Being a good partner to portfolio companies is crucial for success.
• Ethics and trust are important in business relationships.


00:00 Sonny’s Journey: Selling and Buying Back a Company
05:59 The Importance of Being a Good Owner
13:29 Navigating the Due Diligence Process
23:09 Building Infrastructure for Scalability
26:14 Earning Investor Trust through Demonstrated Abilities
30:22 The Importance of Size and Stability in Businesses
32:50 Debt as a Tool in Business
36:10 Finding the Right Opportunities with a Clear Investment Criteria
41:14 Being a Good Partner to Portfolio Companies
49:31 The Role of Ethics and Trust in Business Relationships

Acquiring businesses, teaching entrepreneurs how to acquire businesses and helping entrepreneurs scale businesses through acquisitions and marketing. Jon is adept at negotiation, marketing strategy, structuring and funding of mergers and acquisitions IPOs and exit strategies.

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