The Best Interview on how and why to do Acquisitions I have ever seen The host is Shane Parrish from the Knowledge Project interviewing Brad Jacobs, Billionaire, with Multiple Billion Dollar Rollups to create value and wealth.

Brad Jacobs emphasizes the importance of selecting the right industry and companies within that industry to acquire. Jacobs focuses on the building products distribution industry as a clear path to achieving his goal of building a $50 billion company. He also discusses the significance of integration and standardization in the acquisition process.


Select an industry that is big enough, fragmented, and offers opportunities for M&A.
Building products distribution industry can provide a clear path to building a large company.
Consider the strategic reasons for acquiring a company and ensure it aligns with the overall business.
Integration and standardization of systems are crucial for successful acquisitions.


00:00 Introduction and Background
01:23 Selecting an Industry
03:49 Acquisition Strategy
04:18 Integration Process
06:12 Standardization of Systems
07:41 Starting Integration Process
08:10 Forming Relationships and Talent Management

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