1. The Socialize Forecast - Fake Accounts 4/2/24 18:51

Today’s episode of the Socialize Forecast covers this week’s trends, original content ideas, and social media updates!


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Helen Polise TheMuthership - Social Media Content Expert

Helen Polise, aka the “Social Media Teacher” is a TV commercial director with 35+ years of experience elevating numerous global brands. After a quick rise to TikTok and Instagram fame as @themuthership, she currently has over 980k+ followers who learn from her tutorials and love her upbeat lifestyle content! Helen demystifies the social media process and teaches people step–by–step how to create video content through her FREE courses and workshops. Her twice-weekly email and social media podcast provide social media updates, trends, content tips, insights and strategies on all things related to social media. HelloSocialize.com to find it all.