1. The Power of Humility: A Sneak Peek into The Rediscovery Roadmap Digital Course Aubrey Johnson 7:32

In this exciting bonus solo episode, Aubrey offers a sneak peek into the recently launched Rediscovery Roadmap Digital Course, specifically focusing on one of the four cornerstones to personal growth: Humility. Aubrey discusses the profound impact that humility can have on our lives and the world as a whole. He also explains how to recognize the tell-tale signs that indicate a lack of humility, and how to become a more humble person; to foster personal development and deeper connections with others.The Rediscovery Roadmap Course is $50, and can be easily accessed by visiting https://roadmapcourse.thinkific.com/

Aubrey Johnson Creator & Host of Road to Rediscovery Podcast

Aubrey is a Talent Development Professional, and the Creator and Host of the Road to Rediscovery Podcast.