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April 11th, 2024

Returning "Citizen Wayne" – with Wayne Boatwright

  1. Returning "Citizen Wayne" - with Wayne Boatwright Aubrey Johnson 1:02:41

Wayne Boatwright is a self-proclaimed “Returning Citizen”, from the life of an Ivy-League educated Attorney to serving time in San Quentin due to a tragic incident.

Wayne’s journey is one of lesson-learning, reflection, redemption and more. Tune in, as Wayne gives a complete transparent account of his actions, familial consequences, and the life lessons that no Ivy-League education could ever reveal to him.

Wayne’s brutally honest perspective teaches us to own our actions and decisions – no matter how tragic – at the same time giving us the assurance of hope with the importance of family, and the power of change.

To learn more about Wayne and subscribe to his blog, visit https://wayneboatwright.substack.com.

To learn about the great reform initiatives at San Quentin, visit https://sanquentinnews.com

Wayne’s also part of a young men and father’s empowering group; helping them to love and protect their families: https://www.man2man-uya.org/board/dr-stewart-perrilliat

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Aubrey Johnson Creator & Host of Road to Rediscovery Podcast

Aubrey is a Talent Development Professional, and the Creator and Host of the Road to Rediscovery Podcast.

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