1. Psychedelics for overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD - with Matt Zemon Aubrey Johnson 32:07

Matt is the co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Psychable, an online

community connecting people interested in the healing powers of Psychedelics; and the co-founder of HAPPYY, a mental

wellness company that specializes in psychedelic-assisted ketamine therapy.

Tune in, as Matt explains how despite the societal stigma of psychedelics, some very encouraging efforts are being made in broadening the awareness of them; as well as legislation for this as a form of treatment for those with PTSD, depression, Fibromyalgia and other chronic illnesses. Matt also explains the importance of microdosing, and we talk about his latest book, “Psychedelics for Everyone”.

To learn more about Matt’s great work and to pick up a copy of his book, visit www.mattzemon.com

To become a part of the online community and learn about Ketamine Therapy, visit www.happyy.me

An audio tag shout-out to Dr. Nelson Beltijar, Certified Life and Executive Business Coach, and the Community Builder of The Positive Drip. You can connect with Dr. Beltijar at www.thepositivedrip.com

Aubrey Johnson Creator & Host of Road to Rediscovery Podcast

Aubrey is a Talent Development Professional, and the Creator and Host of the Road to Rediscovery Podcast.