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June 6th, 2024

Find YOUR way to Well-Being through Maggie’s Way

  1. Find YOUR way to Well-Being through Maggie’s Way Aubrey Johnson 45:54

Maggie Maris is a Life Coach and founder of “Maggie’s Way” – a methodology in the field of mental well-being with a focus on adults who are under significant pressure in our current society. She gives her clients the tools to realize their potential to live their most enjoyable and happy life.

Her recently released book, “My Journal – By Finding Yourself, You Find Your Happiness”, is an inspiration of overcoming her turbulent struggles of depression, anxiety, and misdiagnoses.

Tune in, as Maggie explains how we can mask our struggles with people-pleasing, perfectionism, and more.

To learn more about Maggie and pick up a copy of her book, visit . You can also follow her on Instagram and TikTok @maggies.way.

Also, after reading her book, visit her website again to give her feedback on how reading it has impacted your life!

Aubrey Johnson Creator & Host of Road to Rediscovery Podcast

Aubrey is a Talent Development Professional, and the Creator and Host of the Road to Rediscovery Podcast.

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