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Free 24 7 career advice with GPT | Riderflex – Recruiting & Sourcing

  1. Free 24 7 career advice with GPT | Riderflex - Recruiting & Sourcing Steve Urban 2:33

Steve Urban, founder and CEO of Riderflex, introduces a groundbreaking digital tool: Steve Urban’s Career Coaching GPT. This tool encapsulates decades of Steve’s expertise in executive recruiting, leadership, and career Coaching into an accessible, AI-driven format. Designed to provide personalized career advice, this GPT draws from a vast reservoir of Steve’s podcast episodes, book transcripts, and hands-on experiences. It aims to help users master job interviews, make informed decisions, and achieve career longevity and satisfaction. The GPT offers advice on adaptability, Resilience, and strategic thinking, making it easier for both seasoned executives and newcomers to navigate their career paths effectively. Steve invites everyone to leverage this tool to enhance their career development and adapt to the rapidly changing professional landscape.

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Unlock career success with “Riderflex Guide 2.0: Mastering Job Interviews.” Over 30 years of recruitment expertise. Strategies for new graduates, seasoned professionals. Master virtual interviews, challenging questions.

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Riderflex is a national, Colorado based, premier headhunter, RPO and employment agency; recruiting and searching the top talent for staffing your teams.

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Steve Urban The Riderflex Podcast: Inspiring & Hiring

As an experienced CEO and entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in retail, wholesale, and executive leadership, I am available for consulting, advisory work, board memberships, and speaking engagements.

My passion is helping professionals achieve professional happiness and personal fulfillment, which has been the driving force behind my successful career. My core purpose is to help people find professional happiness while carving out enough personal time to enjoy the great outdoors and my passion for camping.

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