1. I Went to a Public Gym Scott Friedman 10:07

I was recently at a public gym, and I understand why people would feel self conscious, BUT this does not give you an excuse to not go and pursue your goals.

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Scott Friedman Speaker and Fitness Coach

Scott is a nationally accredited Personal Trainer, Fitness Nutrition Coach, and Behavior Change Specialist, who has been in the fitness industry for years. He has worked with hundreds of clients, and specializes in mentoring them on how to build long term sustainable habits using his key principles of mindset, motion and momentum.

Scott is a unique and engaging speaker, coach, and host of the Power of Progress podcast. He prides himself on understanding the needs of those who wish to change their lives. Through storytelling, personal experience, and a refreshingly honest take on the fitness and nutrition industry, Scott empowers and inspires his audiences and clients to take congruent action to achieve their goals. His authentic, and ‘grip it and rip it’ style resonates with people to take practical steps to improve their lives.