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June 6th, 2024 Mature Content

Finding Your Purpose And Breaking Out Of The System

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  1. Finding Your Purpose And Breaking Out Of The System Nick McGowan 59:17

“What can you teach the world? What do you like? What’s in alignment? That is your unique superpower.”

Episode summary:

In this episode, Nick and Dr. Esther Zeledon discuss the importance of purpose, mission, and vision in creating meaningful change in the world. There’s a major emphasis on listening to oneself and breaking free from societal expectations and limiting beliefs. Dr. Zeledon shares her own journey of discovering her purpose and disrupting systems that don’t align with her values and provides advice for those who want to break free from the system and live a more purposeful life. 

What to listen for:

  • Discovering and living one’s purpose is essential for creating meaningful change in the world.
  • Listening to oneself is crucial for personal and collective growth.
  • Breaking free from societal expectations and limiting beliefs is necessary to live a purposeful life.
  • Aligning one’s actions with their values and disrupting systems that don’t serve them is empowering.
  • Seeking out community and surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals is important for support and inspiration.
  • Identifying and utilizing one’s unique superpower can make a positive impact in the world.
  • Systems, such as religion and education, can shape our beliefs and values.

“The matrix has told us we can only choose one. But that’s not true. That’s a limiting belief.”

  • Why we should question societal norms and the belief that one must follow a single path or career
  • individuals are capable of pursuing multiple interests and talents, rejecting the notion of a singular focus
  • Recognizing and overcoming limiting beliefs can lead to greater personal and professional fulfillment
  • Encourages exploring diverse opportunities rather than feeling confined to one predefined path

“I found, I interpreted my purpose to work within the system and learn the systems and advance in the American dream checklist matrix.”

  • We can enjoy the journey of understanding and working within established systems to achieve success
  • How one’s purpose can be shaped by external pressures and societal expectations
  • Exploring a critical view of the traditional “American dream” and its associated checklist of achievements (marriage, house, car, income)
  • How systemic structures influence personal goals and life choices, often dictating a standard path to follow
  • Over time, one’s understanding of purpose and success can evolve, especially when reflecting on how these are defined by societal norms

We need to teach people how to listen to themselves.

  • Exploring the importance of fostering self-awareness and understanding one’s own needs and desires
  • How we can rely on inner guidance rather than external validation or societal pressures
  • The importance of self-discovery and listening to one’s inner voice in making authentic decisions
  • Unpacking a holistic approach to personal development, where listening to oneself is as important as academic or professional training

About Dr. Esther Zeledón

Dr. Esther Zeledón is a master of making dreams work and embodies the resilient spirit of a Latina immigrant. Her rich and diverse background has been the cornerstone of her trailblazing work as a life coach, speaker, workshop facilitator, former international diplomat, and scientist. With a commitment to inclusivity, Dr. Zeledón has transformed the lives of thousands worldwide, bridging gaps across communities, corporations, and countries. Drawing from her unique experiences and insights, she has crafted a powerful formula for balanced success and brilliant productivity, empowering everyone to envision and manifest their limitless life.


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