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From Battlefields to Boardrooms with Ken Lewis

  1. From Battlefields to Boardrooms with Ken Lewis NewsRadio 1450/1370 WKIP (WKIP-AM) 2:06:27

With over two decades empowering individuals and organizations to achieve their goals through personal development and transformation, Ken has cultivated a deep understanding of inclusive leadership and the importance of vulnerability, inspiring others to embrace change and create impactful cultures.
Though the journey wasn’t easy, he persevered and battled his personal demons and the negative influences that led him in finding purpose and leadership in the military. 
Now a highly experienced and skilled coach, speaker, facilitator, and consultant.
Get to know more about Ken Lewis at and see how he impacts people lives.
To learn more about myself, Michael Esposito, and find out about public speaking workshops, Coaching, and keynote speaking options, and – of course – to be inspired, visit
The Michael Esposito Show is hosted by Michael Esposito and produced by iHeartMedia Hudson Valley. Be sure to subscribe on iHeart Media, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, TuneIn, Google Play, YouTube, or the podcasting app of your choice.
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Michael Esposito Keynote Speaker & Transformational Coach

Michael Esposito is far from just another name in the professional speaking circuit; he is a dynamic force of nature, captivating audiences with his ability to read the room and forge deep, meaningful connections. Michael's journey, marked by resilience and a relentless drive, serves as a beacon of inspiration, urging individuals to embrace growth, execute their visions, and pursue their dreams with unyielding passion.
Michael Esposito embodies the essence of transformative leadership, leveraging his talents in public speaking, coaching, and entrepreneurship to not only achieve personal success but to significantly contribute to the betterment of society.

His story isn't just one of personal triumph; it's a compelling narrative of how vision, when coupled with generosity and action, can create a lasting legacy of positive change.

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