1. 302. Extraterrestrial Contact and Decalcification Detox: Mina the Andromedan Kara Goodwin 59:24

Dive into the extraordinary experiences of Mina the Andromedan, an otherworldly hybrid being with connections to different races and galaxies. From encounters with non-physical beings to her unique ability to access galactic history, Mina’s story will leave you questioning the very fabric of our reality:

Are we truly alone in the universe?

Prepare to be captivated by Mina’s extraordinary tale of extraterrestrial encounters. From a young age, Mina’s memories resurfaced in a unique way, revealing a past beyond this life filled with incredible beings such as archangels and mermaids. But the unexpected twist comes when Mina’s mother uncovers a long-held secret about her daughter’s abduction by the government. This episode is going to leave you yearning for answers to the mysteries that lie beyond our world.

In this episode, you will be able to:

  • Discover the fascinating world of this Andromedan-archangel-Lyran hybrid and unlock the secrets of her unique origins.

  • Dive into extraordinary firsthand accounts of extraterrestrial encounters and experiences that will leave you questioning the boundaries of our reality.

  • Explore the transformative power of a metal/decalcification detox protocol and uncover the surprising health benefits that could revolutionize your well-being and open up your psychic abilities.

  • Gain valuable insights into the future of contact and learn about the latest developments in disclosure that could reshape our understanding of extraterrestrial (and Earthly!) life.

  • Journey through the annals of galactic history and unravel the mysteries of karmic analysis to deepen your understanding of the cosmic forces at play.

I am so thrilled to have Mina the Andromedan as this episode’s of The Meditation Conversation. Mina’s background as an Andromedan-archangel-Lyran hybrid and her role on the Andromedan Council make her an incredible resource when it comes to understanding extraterrestrial encounters and experiences. With her ability to channel messages and light language, Mina offers unique insights into the cosmic realm. Her readings, which incorporate messages from source and guides, remote viewing, and Akashic (and beyond) records, provide valuable guidance and support on the path to higher ascension. Mina’s own journey of self-discovery and her deep connection to her galactic origins make her a captivating guest who will expand your understanding of the extraterrestrial realm. So join us as we explore the mysteries of the universe with the wise and knowledgeable Mina the Andromedan.

The key moments in this episode are: 00:00:06 – Introduction 00:01:07 – Mina’s Background 00:04:25 – Mina’s Mysterious Experiences 00:07:36 – Near-Death Experiences 00:09:15 – College and Conscious Awakening 00:13:01 – Experiencing the Presence of Reptiles 00:14:17 – The Awakening and Spiritual War 00:15:25 – Being an Andromedan Hybrid 00:17:17 – Utilizing Gifts from Different Fractals 00:18:01 – Galactic History Reading 00:26:47 – The Andromedan Galaxy and the Milky Way 00:28:26 – Andromedan Constellation and its Species 00:29:33 – The Blue Chemical and Draconian Avoidance 00:30:27 – Limited Human Perception and Higher Densities 00:34:13 – Mina’s Purpose as a Wayshower 00:40:22 – Mina’s Experiences with Heart Rate and Sleep 00:40:58 – Mina’s Crew and Ships 00:43:39 – Mina’s Metal Detox Experience 00:45:03 – Importance of Metal Detox and Decalcification 00:47:24 – Mina’s Personalized Approach to Detox 00:53:30 – Mina’s Experience with the Cleanse 00:54:19 – Full Disclosure and Contact 00:55:20 – Government’s Role in Disclosure 00:56:49 – Potential Fallout of Disclosure 00:57:58 – How to Connect with Mina

The resources mentioned in this episode are:

  • Register for the Livestream with Mina on March 19, 2024, at Karagoodwin.com. Don’t miss the opportunity to ask Mina your own questions. https://www.karagoodwin.com/livestream-events2

  • Sign up at Karagoodwin.com to access the free guided meditation available on the homepage.

  • Book a galactic history report reading with Mina to discover your own galactic history and learn how it relates to your life today. https://minafultravels.com

  • Explore Mina’s channeling and light language readings, where she uses a variety of resources including messages from source and guides, remote viewing, and Akashic records to help you on your spiritual journey.

  • Consider booking a QHHT session to delve deeper into your past lives and uncover hidden memories or experiences.

  • Join the Conscious Awakening Network’s Livestream events featuring other amazing guests like Michael Jacob, Isabella Green, and Maureen St. Germain. Register at Karagoodwin.com to secure your spot.

  • Connect with Mina and learn more about her work by visiting her website or social media platforms.

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