1. 187. Why Change Is Hard (& How to Do It, Anyway) with Gary Fahey Esther Avant 46:24

Ya know that cycle of wanting to lose weight, committing to whatever diet or workout program, being “good” for a few days, and then falling off and struggling to start again?

We all do, so don’t think there’s something wrong with you.

On today’s episode, I’m interiewing Gary Fahey about why change is so hard and how we can reprogram our brains to make it way easier to do the stuff that’ll help us reach the goals we care about.


Founder of Strong Men’d and NeuroStoic Solutions, Gary Fahey is an executive life strategist, mental strength and performance specialist, highly sought-after speaker and bestselling author who embodies the mantra of “Lived it, Learned it, Earned it.” His unique Brutal Honesty brand was forged through 18 years with the Australian Federal Police, where he led the Australian Prime Minister’s Personal Protection Team and managed the Office of Commissioner, however his passion for the psychology of peak performance, mental strength and Resilience was born following his own fall from grace.

A deep, dark and destructive (silent) battle with mental health and gambling addiction cost him $2 million, his career, his reputation and saw him question the value of his own life – but he refused to go down without a fight. Utilising a combination of formal and informal education, expert Coaching and mentoring, trial and error, hard work and just a pinch of pain, Gary developed his own practical systems and strategies for success.

Gary has worked with, studied under and learned from experts around the world in neuroscience, psychology, peak performance, mental health and habit formation and holds a Masters in Brain and Mind Sciences (specialising in peak performance and leadership), an MBA (specialising in organisational strategy and culture) and a Bachelors degree in Health Science to compliment his ‘on the job’ experience working with high performing individuals, teams and businesses to overcome obstacles in their own search for purpose and peak performance.

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Esther Avant Health & Weight Loss Coach

Esther Avant is a health industry veteran with over 17 years of experience in fitness, nutrition, and wellness related roles. She is a certified sports nutritionist, personal trainer, wellness coach, and owner of EA Coaching, which has provided holistic health & lifestyle coaching since 2015.

Her mission is to help women live their happiest, healthiest, and most confident lives and to change the fact that the majority of women are so preoccupied with their weight and bodies that they never fully pursue their passions. She knows that if more women prioritized their health, they’d be able to unleash the confidence and focus they all need to leave their mark on the world

Esther is also a boy mom and Navy wife who has lived and traveled all over the world while running her EA Coaching.