1. Deflecting-The Subtle Art of Shape-shifting Blame To Avoid Our Emotional Interactions Jeffrey Besecker 1:17:52


We’ve all heard that somewhat childish joke. You the one  – about how ‘it’s not just a river in Egypt’. Yet, when it comes to why we blame others, we often find ourselves swimming a river of it. 

And when things truly fall apart, and out ability to navigate conflict floats south…

Sometimes, as things go wrong, we’re often quick to point fingers. And We frequently find ourselves deflecting responsibility; offering, instead – tons of denial. When it comes to blame, many theories exist as to just why we do it. Yet, seldom does blaming  others, or even ourselves – come without consequences. 

It might feel like we are winning – if only for a moment. Yet, when we blame, we lose our ability to gain from our actions. 

Today look at BLAME with author Dustin Steiger, and why we frequently deflect our sense of responsibility in order to avoid our emotional interactions. Tune in to find out how, when we return To The Light Inside .

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