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May 23rd, 2024

Episode 387 Leading From The Heart with Tom Dahlborg

  1. Episode 387 Leading From The Heart with Tom Dahlborg Mike Harbour 42:39

Improving customer/ patient experience starts with first improving employee experience. 

In this week’s episode of the Lead Up Podcast, Mike and special guest, Tom Dahlborg, discuss the importance of prioritizing culture and measuring the right things to create a positive work environment, and the significance of self-love and empathy in leadership. 

If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to leave a 5-star review on your streaming platform. Mike encourages you to reach out to him through: to let him know your thoughts on this episode & to share some topics you would like him to speak on in the future. 

You can find Tom’s book From Heart to Head & Back Again here.

Mike Harbour President of Harbour Resouces

“Delivering Excellence in Leadership and Personal Development”

Mike is a veteran serving as both an enlisted soldier and medical service corps officer in the U.S. Army. Mike has almost 30 years of leadership experience in the healthcare industry as a leader in hospital operations, leadership training and development, sales, talent management, and executive search.

Mike launched Harbour Resources in 2006 and has coached, trained, and developed thousands of leaders.
Mike has published over 345 episodes on The Lead Up Podcast. He is an author of Power Principles, Quit Losing Talent Expanded Edition, and Co-Author of Breaking Average.

Mike’s focus and his company’s mission is to deliver excellence in leadership and personal development solutions to help you lead others, lead yourself, hire “A” players for your teams, and develop them to be high performers.

Mike is the proud father of 2 Kids and husband of 32 years to the beautiful Connie Harbour

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