1. Ep #113 | Girl Dad Talks | Gratitude Attitude 20:53

In this episode, Young explores the intricate balance of being an entrepreneur while raising a family. The conversation touches on the interplay between traditional schooling and real-world experiences for children, highlighting the value of exposing them to the professional environment. Young shares personal insights on transforming work trips into opportunities for family bonding, challenging the conventional concept of downtime. The discussion extends to the crucial time small businesses need to establish themselves and the necessity of patience during their growth. Young concludes with a powerful message emphasizing the primacy of family over entrepreneurial stress and the importance of gratitude in navigating challenges. 

Listen & Discover:
– Integrating family into the entrepreneurial journey and the benefits of doing so.
– The contrast between school-based learning and the real-world experiences kids gain through exposure to the business environment.
– Making the most of work trips by involving kids and turning potential downtime into quality bonding moments.
– The essential time required for small businesses to establish themselves and thrive.
– The significance of surrounding oneself with fellow entrepreneurs who understand the sacrifices of building something from scratch.
– The powerful role of gratitude in overcoming challenges and fostering personal growth.

Join Young in this exploration of entrepreneurship, family life, and the profound lessons that come with the journey.

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Young Han is a highly accomplished entrepreneur, investor, business coach and parent who is widely recognized for his expertise in helping small business owners reach their first 1 million dollar milestone in annual revenues. Having started 6 businesses before the age of 30, and currently operating 8 of his own businesses, while Coaching dozens; Young uses his deep understanding of operations and growth to empower fellow business owners to unlock their full potential.


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I'm a business consultant for tech startups and business coach to service businesses. I'm the proud owner of multiple small businesses and the host of The Girl Dad Show.