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GERO-Juice 6-6-24 June is National Age Without Apology Month & Caregivers Who Beat the Odds

  1. GERO-Juice 6-6-24 June is National Age Without Apology Month & Caregivers Who Beat the Odds Adrianne D. Jones 57:31

June is not Family Caregivers Month, but these caregivers have made headlines with their transformational stories of caring beyound limits. Listen as one California high school student graduated magna cume laude while caring for his ailng mother, and now he is on his way to one of the top universities in southern California. June is Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month and the NIA is campaigning to increase awareness of the disparities between Hispanics and dementia. National Age Without Apology month is here, and skincare brand, Willowberry, wants to know who has inspired you to age without apology!

An Ohio native, Adrianne D. Jones is a gerontologist, servant leader, and Chief Executive Officer of Senior Resources and Consulting Services, LLC. She is the creator and host of the “GERO-Juice”, the nation’s #1 senior-focused radio program on Atlanta’s WAEC 860 AM station. Ms. Jones is also an adjunct professor at Clark Atlanta University, where she has designed courses to introduce students to the field of gerontology through a biopsychosocial lens. Additionally, Ms. Jones is the director of public relations for ALTER, a program to educate and create African American dementia-friendly faith communities, and active board member for SageNavigator, Inc., an organization with a mission to advocate and assist seniors and differently-abled adults in navigating their communities for readily-available resources. Ms. Jones has authored two books: Quick Tips On Choosing the Right Homecare Agency and Basic HomeCare Marketing Tips.

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