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May 16th, 2024

Moving from Business Operator to Owner – Erin Marcus

  1. Moving from Business Operator to Owner - Erin Marcus Damon Pistulka 53:36

In this The Faces of Business, Erin Marcus, Founder & CEO, Conquer Your Business delves into the transformative journey that takes business owners from being hands-on operators to strategic owners.

Erin is the Founder & CEO of Conquer Your Business.

Having transitioned from a high-flying corporate executive to a successful entrepreneur, Erin brings over two decades of wisdom, blending her corporate acumen with entrepreneurial grit. Erin has been instrumental in helping service professionals and entrepreneurs break free from the operational quagmire to achieve their business dreams. Through her innovative three-step journey, Erin empowers business leaders to focus on impact rather than just tasks, ensuring their ventures scale and thrive sustainably.


Check out the Blog post here: Moving from Business Operator to Owner


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