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October 4th, 2022

CRM Configuration and Implementation Challenges – Davey Warren

  1. CRM Configuration and Implementation Challenges - Davey Warren Damon Pistulka 57:42

In this, The Faces of Business, Davey Warren, Founder & CEO, Pearagon, talks about CRM Configuration and Implementation Challenges. Pearagon is a HubSpot Solutions Partner for implementations and integrations and assists mid-market companies with CRM processes that enable businesses to generate and retain revenue by improving sales, marketing, and service operations efficiencies.


Davey is a vocal proponent of Customer Relationship Management and believes that every business, both advertently or inadvertently, engages in it and should be utilizing good systems to enhance it. Expert at software usage and planning, Davey founded Pearagon in 2017 to help businesses integrate and implement CRM configurations using HubSpot. With 24 years of experience, Davey has been involved with 100+ CRM implementations and counting.

Check out the Blog post here: CRM Configuration and Implementation Challenges


Thanks for taking the time to listen today.


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