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Shedding the Layers of Discomfort with Antonia

  1. Shedding the Layers of Discomfort with Antonia The F.E.E.L Podcast 43:36

Antonia is a registered psychotherapist, Ayurvedic Counsellor, Yoga and Meditation teacher and award-winning author. In 2006 she experienced a dramatic, spontaneous shift in realities that challenged everything she knew of the world and herself. For the next magical 16 years she experienced an explosion of energy, eventually understanding she was in an accelerated awakening. She has spent nearly every day since then releasing emotional, physical, and energetic pain and letting go of what she thought defined a worthy life. As the suffering was released, she accessed a higher truth about the purpose of pain: that it feeds our evolution, but only if we see it for the story it is. And once we see it-with the energy of pure presence-it no longer exists.  Antonia works with her clients both psychotherapeutically and as a transmuter to help them see their pain versus be their pain.

Ways to Engage: Ways to Engage: Antonia talks thoroughly in her episode about generational trauma and how this can affect our current journey. Have you looked at your journey from this perspective? Why or why not? After listening to Antonia’s episode, consider using this viewpoint to journal or reflect upon how you are affected today by something from your ancestors.


Prioritizing Self Care – ( 3:12 )

Confidently Setting Boundaries – ( 4:35 )

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health as much as Your Physical Health – ( 9:10 )

Support self & other women unapologetically – ( 16:08 )

Coming Back to Your WHY and Your VALUES – ( 19:07 )

Living Out of Your Own Expectations – ( 22:24 )

Accepting the Layered Aspects of Yourself – ( 24:59 )

Living out FEEL, how does it affect your relationships – ( 31:03 )

5 Activities That Nourish You – ( 37:29 )

5 Words for How You Want to Feel in the Next Six Months – ( 38:24 )

Original Music by Rio & Valencia Saint-Louis

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Melissa Crook Founder & Host of The F.E.E.L Podcast

Melissa Crook is a woman in her 50’s who currently lives in Fresno, CA with the great love of her life, best friend, spouse, and father of their 3 daughters, Brady Crook. Melissa loves travel, the ocean, sunsets, mountains, and is a huge sports fan. She’s passionate, driven, loyal, fierce, and brave. She believes in justice, mercy, equality, and empathy for ALL, and is especially driven to help women live their best, healthiest lives.

Melissa is available to speak to your group about the importance of women understanding their value and worthiness when it comes to prioritizing their self-care and overall health. To schedule a collaboration with Melissa, fill out our contact form here:

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