1. Protecting Your Peace with India Lott The F.E.E.L Podcast 1:04:34

India is a 21-year-old college student who is the host of A Tall Girl’s Podcast. As a tall woman, India has experienced the various struggles that many other tall women face, including bullying, body shaming, name-calling, and more because of her height. She started A Tall Girl’s Podcast two and a half years ago first as a way to complain about her height, but after receiving much support and positive feedback from other tall women on how it has helped them through their insecurities, she turned it into a platform that gives tall women a voice. She now shares confidence tips, funny stories, snippets of her life, and more! 

Learn more about and tune in to A Tall Girl’s Podcast here: https://atallgirlspodcast.com

Ways to Engage: How does India saying to speak kinder to yourself make you feel? Reflect upon the different ways you’ve spoken to yourself lately and analyze: am I being kind to myself? Am I being too harsh? Would I speak to my friend like this? Try to think of something more gentle you can say to yourself in a moment of stress or anxiety. 

Prioritizing Self Care – ( 2:03 )

Confidently Setting Boundaries – ( 7:06 )

Taking Care of Your Emotional Health as much as Your Physical Health – ( 16:10 )

Support self & other women unapologetically – ( 22:38 )

Coming Back to Your WHY and Your VALUES – ( 30:15 )

Living Out of Your Own Expectations – ( 34:42 )

Accepting the Layered Aspects of Yourself – ( 44:34 )

Living out FEEL, how does it affect your relationships – ( 51:44 )

5 Activities That Nourish You – ( 57:08 )

5 Words for How You Want to Feel in the Next Six Month – ( 58:54 )

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Melissa Crook Founder & Host of The F.E.E.L Podcast

Melissa Crook is a woman in her 50’s who currently lives in Fresno, CA with the great love of her life, best friend, spouse, and father of their 3 daughters, Brady Crook. Melissa loves travel, the ocean, sunsets, mountains, and is a huge sports fan. She’s passionate, driven, loyal, fierce, and brave. She believes in justice, mercy, equality, and empathy for ALL, and is especially driven to help women live their best, healthiest lives.

Melissa is available to speak to your group about the importance of women understanding their value and worthiness when it comes to prioritizing their self-care and overall health. To schedule a collaboration with Melissa, fill out our contact form here: https://www.embracinglayers.com/contact