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February 19th, 2024

Unlocking Time Freedom with Virtual Assistants: A Deep Dive with Tobe Brockner, Founder of KATUVA

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Join us in this episode as we explore the world of virtual assistants with Tobe Brockner, Founder of KATUVA. Delve into the reasons, dos, and don’ts of having a virtual assistant, backed by real experiences. Discover the unique approach of Katuva in matching entrepreneurs with the right VAs, and the transformative impact on achieving time freedom. Learn how virtual assistants are revolutionizing not just administrative tasks but also redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in various industries.

TOBE’s Bio

Tobe Brockner is the owner and founder of Katuva, a virtual assistant placement agency. Tobe has been a business owner his entire career because, as his wife of 25 years says, "He is functionally unemployable." Tobe’s passion for entrepreneurship and helping business owners live better, more fulfilling lives is always on full display. Helping business owners find, train, and manage virtual assistants has been his main focus over the last 7+ years and his greatest joy is in helping other small business owners like himself free themselves from the businesses that they own and live a life of freedom and autonomy.

He lives in Meridian, Idaho with his wife Kirsten and two kids, Beau and Scarlett. In his newfound free time he enjoys fine cigars, aged bourbon, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and the Idaho outdoors.

The Katuva Difference:

– Tobe shares the backstory of Katuva and the entrepreneurial journey.

– The importance of systemizing the business for strategic thinking and growth.

– Tobe’s personal experiences with virtual assistants and the initial challenges.

– The Process of Matching VAs:

– Tobe explains the process of matching entrepreneurs with the right virtual assistants.

– Utilization of DISC assessment, Enneagram personality assessments, and other tools in the hiring and onboarding process.

– The evolution of virtual assistant roles beyond traditional admin tasks, exploring new possibilities.

– Adapting to Change:

– The impact of the pandemic on the virtual assistant industry and how technology advancements facilitated its growth.

– Tobe’s perspective on embracing rapid change and the role of experience in navigating evolving landscapes.

-Expanding Horizons:

– The wide range of tasks virtual assistants can handle, from admin work to innovative ventures.

– Examples of unconventional uses, such as virtual assistants in medical professions and real estate.

– Encouragement for entrepreneurs to think beyond conventional boundaries and leverage virtual assistants for business expansion.

– The limitless potential of virtual assistants in freeing up time for creative thinking and business development.

– Encouraging listeners to explore the transformative power of virtual assistants for unlocking time freedom.

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