1. Everything Matters with Thomas Johnson Kara and Jack Dennison 33:15

Are you overworked, overstressed, overweight, or just plain over it?

This week, we’re talking to Thomas Johnson, C-Suite Advisor, Founder, and CEO of GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge, a company that specializes in helping high performers improve their lifestyle and feel amazing long-term so they have the drive to perform at a higher level and still have energy to do what they want. 

You can find Thomas at www.getupngetfit.com and get his free gift at https://free.getupngetfit.com/

In this episode, you can expect Kara, Jack & Thomas to talk about:

  • Thomas’ transformation, from refugee to celebrity trainer, to executive wellness coach and CEO
  • The power of change and how it can help you move forward in life by starting small and growing into intentional living
  • Thomas shares how he determines when he is not in alignment with himself and what his priorities in life are in order to stay in alignment 

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About Thomas: C-Suite Advisor, Philanthropist, Host of The How May I Serve You Podcast and the Founder & CEO at GetUpNGetFit Wellness Concierge, specializing in helping high performers that are over stress, overweight and experiencing low energy to improve their lifestyle and feel amazing long term so they have the drive to perform at a higher level and still have the energy to do what they want.

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Kara & Jack own Optimized Career Solutions. Kara is an Executive Career & Leadership Coach, Senior Professional in HR, and Forbes Contributor. Jack is an Executive Career Coach and brings a background in philosophy, personal training, and life Coaching to the team. Together, they help high achievers and leaders to live impactful lives, starting with their careers. They help high achievers gain life-long skills, heal from burnout, and transform their mindsets. Together, they've helped thousands of professionals and leaders and have negotiated over $10M in salary increases over the last 4 years.

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About Kara: Kara is the CEO of Optimized Career Solutions, an Executive Career and Leadership Coach and a Forbes Contributor. She is a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) who has spent her career as a Corporate Recruiting Leader, working closely with decision-makers. Throughout her career, Kara has personally reviewed over 300,000 resumes. Through her executive coaching programs, she has helped thousands of professionals land their dream jobs and has been responsible for negotiating over $10 million in salary increases over the last few years.

About Jack: Jack is the COO of Optimized Career Solutions, an Executive Career Coach, and comes from a life coaching, personal training, and philosophy background. As the Accountability and Mindset Coach in their coaching program, Jack is passionate about helping high achievers and leaders live impactful lives by shifting mindsets, gaining personal accountability, and achieving personal and professional wins that lead to major life transformations. As a high ticket sales closer, Jack has sold over $1M in high ticket sales in under 3 years.