1. EP - 168 Grandfathers Walk Greg Payne 37:25

Daniel Grissom is passionate about helping men learn more about the Word of God and how to use that knowledge to lead their families. He is a great guy from Atlanta, Georgia, who works to develop sales leaders in his professional life and faith leaders in his ministry. We learn about the great work that Daniel is doing working with fathers to make the Bible accessible to digest and easy to live.

Sometimes, we can make things and concepts like those in the Bible harder to adopt and implement than needed. Often, that comes from a lack of understanding of how to start living a more complete life. Daniel does a great job of helping people get started by making the complex easy because his experience has taught him that if something is complex, it is rarely implemented.

You will enjoy this conversation and learn about the excellent work that Daniel is doing to help fathers and grandfathers lead themselves and their families. Once you have listened to this conversation, please be sure to share this conversation with three friends and family members. Also, be sure to check out the links and connection information below, and I encourage you to contact Daniel.


You can visit and learn more about Fathers Walk by visiting their website at: https://www.fatherswalk.com/

Here is Daniel’s phone number: 312.315.1591

You can connect with Daniel at LinkedIn by clicking on this link: https://www.linkedin.com/in/danielgrissom/

Here is Daniel’s email address: daniel@dealclosercoaching.com 

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