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This week, on The Conscious Consultant Hour, Sam welcomes Author and Coach, Luci Gabel.

Luci Gabel is a Leadership Optimal Performance coach and Author of the new book, Eat to Lead. She has over 20 years of advanced academic and professional experience in both leadership and human health.

She has a wide spectrum of leadership experience: she’s held leadership roles under the US Department of Defense and for private companies, and she’s been an entrepreneur and start-up founder. She also has advanced degrees in business, as well as physiology and nutrition.

Today she works with individuals and companies to help people embody the qualities of the kind of leaders that we need now: people with the energy, stamina and ability to motivate and inspire others to reach their highest potential, and make the world a better place.

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Show Notes

Segment 1

Sam reads his quote of the day. How you eat is relevant in everyone’s lives, and we can see it and feel it. Sam asks what got her into exercise and health. Luci says that a lot of people think she was grown up knowing how to be healthy, and have a family full of athletes and healthy people. She actually grew up very modest means, and she just ate to get the calories in. She learned about food through magazines as a young teen. When she got older, she went into pre-medicine in college, and learned about epigenetics and was extremely interesting. She decided she wanted to go into prevention, and prolonging your lives and health with prevention. She started leadership after she started working for the DOD. 

Segment 2

Luci talks about how she got her job at the DOD. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to officially do, go into the science or the business side. She decided to do both the science and business side and get two masters degrees at once. It took 3 ½ years. After the degrees, she moved to California with her husband. She decided she wanted to help people live the healthy lifestyle. 

Segment 3

For 3 years she ran an online course about nutrition and having a balanced life. She decided she wanted to write it down, because a lot of people are having similar problems. Sam notices it looks like a management book, and asks who it is written for. It is written for people who want to be high performers in life. The leadership skills are good for everyone, especially when we are trying to make a change in our lives or help other people around us. It isn’t about how much we are eating, it is what we are putting into our bodies. Research on the gut microbiome shows that what we eat affects our hormones and our brains. It also affects how we feel. She does not promote supplementation. First we need to have a good foundation of the food we are eating, because most of the time we do not need the supplements. When we eat healthier with more nutrients, there becomes less room for junk food. She wrote the book to be interactive and every chapter builds on the last chapter. 

Segment 4

Sam asks what her intention with that they will absorb from the book. She wants people to eat healthy and enjoy food at the same time. Once they find that, they will find the stream of energy that will last from the morning to the evening. People have started reading it, and people are getting very excited about the book. It is coming across the way she intended it to. The biggest barrier for people to overcome with food with diets in general (her book is not a diet book), people have to change their whole lifestyle. It requires a huge shift that doesn’t last because we always want to go to what we are used to and what we are comfortable with. 

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