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May 13th, 2024

Charting the Intersection of Science and Fiction

  1. Charting the Intersection of Science and Fiction Passionate World Talk Radio 41:35

Our discussion encompasses the genesis of the book’s title and Ann’s decision to craft a narrative rooted in historical truths. We delve into the correspondence exchanged between Catherine Pickering and her cousin, Charles Pickering, illuminating pivotal scientific developments of the era. From the inception of the Audubon Society to encounters with luminaries visiting Boston, the conversation traverses the creation of the city’s first public aquarium and the intricacies of Catharine’s romantic entanglements, particularly with James Cutting.

Through her debut fiction work, Ann endeavors to offer readers a deeper understanding of the evolution of science and technology, prompting reflection on the profound impact of technological advancements on our world

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Betsy Wurzel Host of Chatting with Betsy

Chatting with Betsy is about providing people with resources to help them live a better life and to know they are not alone. I interviewed and do interview a variety of guests from all walks of life! I can chat with anyone about any topic! I would like listeners to know about resources that I wish I knew about when I was care giving for my husband!

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