1. Sasha Yablonovsky - Loanspark Mike Mayer and Donovan Morrison 42:39

What's it like growing up in Russia? How do you adjust to a new way of life after immigrating to America as a teenager? Why leave a stable, corporate career behind to start a business?  What does it mean to be a Co-CEO?

We touch on these questions and more with Sasha Yablonovsky, Co-CEO of Loanspark. 

Mike Mayer CEO Next Door

For the past 25 years, I've led digital transformations for billion-dollar B2B companies including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Crescent Electric and U.S. Electrical Services.

In 2020, I had an ‘aha’ moment. There were no agencies specializing in digital marketing for distributors and manufacturers, so I built one!

I also host a podcast called the CEO Next Door where we have weekly conversations with groundbreaking entrepreneurs who share their journeys to success.