1. Episode 70 / The Butterfly Story of Technology and Regenerative Agriculture Hosting Alexandre Karim Howard Tali Orad 33:06

This butterfly is excited to be speaking with Alexandre Karim Howard.

Karim, is a Swiss-born entrepreneur, with a track record of scaling early-stage startups to become unicorns. Drawing from this experience, he is passionately dedicated to delivering quality products that address vital challenges, particularly in the field of regenerative agriculture.

After a year of hands-on farming experience across Europe, he recognized the pressing need for practical and inclusive solutions that align with nature and cater to all communities. 

Karim is committed to leveraging his expertise to scale regenerative solutions, driven by the desire to solve problems that genuinely matter.

In this episode, you will hear about regenerative agriculture – issues and how we can scale it, the role of AI, and more.

Some notes…

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Tali Orad Founder of 1treellion - Engineer - TEDx speaker - Serial entrepreneur - host of The Butterfly Effect Podcast

Tali Orad is an engineer, TEDx speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of 1treellion.org an NGO with the mission to collectively make a meaningful global impact by bringing communities together to plant trees and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Tali’s first NGO came about after she saved the life of a dying baby, resulting in her founding an NGO to raise awareness of CPR education.
She is a Thrive guest contributor, the host of The Butterfly Effect podcast, and a frequent speaker.

Tali believes in the power of people to make a change and hopes with the help of the people she can help our planet.