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May 15th, 2024

Episode 74 / The Butterfly Story of Art and Water Hosting Maxi Cohen

  1. Episode 74 / The Butterfly Story of Art and Water Hosting Maxi Cohen Tali Orad 40:06

This butterfly is excited to be speaking with Maxi Cohen.

Maxi is an award-winning artist and filmmaker based in New York City.  Her films have played in movie theaters, in film festivals, and on television internationally. Her films, photographs, and multimedia installations have been exhibited internationally and are in the

permanent collections of numerous museums, including the Museum of Modern Art and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the Israel Museum, Jerusalem; and the National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.

Currently, she is making Ayahuasca Diaries, a feature documentary for the curious and well-seasoned. From what’s mind-boggling humanly possible, to how ayahuasca is changing world culture, it includes spiritual leaders from Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, and Colombia. Previously, she executive produced From Shock to Awe (about suicidal veterans recovering with ayahuasca and MDMA) and directed The Holy Give Me, about the Santo Daime.

For twenty-five years she has been filming and photographing bodies of water around the world from Argentina to Zambia, Antarctica to Iceland, Bali, Bosnia, Brazil, and onwards, resulting in video, video furniture, photographs, paintings, multimedia works, and mixed reality. In 2024, her exhibition, “The Poetry of Water” was featured at the Leila Heller Gallery in Dubai, the largest gallery in the UAE.

In this episode, you will hear about her multimedia art, Poetry of Water, Four Bodies of Water, the Amazon, her work on social justice, and more.

Some notes…

More about 1treellion & Maxi Cohen.

To support planting all over the world, please check out this link.
The great music is credited to Pixabay.

Tali Orad Founder of 1treellion - Engineer - TEDx speaker - Serial entrepreneur - host of The Butterfly Effect Podcast

Tali Orad is an engineer, TEDx speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of an NGO with the mission to collectively make a meaningful global impact by bringing communities together to plant trees and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Tali’s first NGO came about after she saved the life of a dying baby, resulting in her founding an NGO to raise awareness of CPR education.
She is a Thrive guest contributor, the host of The Butterfly Effect podcast, and a frequent speaker.

Tali believes in the power of people to make a change and hopes with the help of the people she can help our planet.

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