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March 10th, 2021

Episode 18 / The Butterfly Story of Composting and Making Soil Hosting Josh Whiton

  1. Episode 18 / The Butterfly Story of Composting and Making Soil Hosting Josh Whiton Tali Orad 30:15

This butterfly is excited to be speaking with Josh Whiton. Josh Whiton creates participatory movements that empower people worldwide to directly contribute to planetary repair.

At the age of 23, he founded a tech-startup that got people out of cars and onto public transit, creating jobs while reducing fossil fuel emissions and the carbon footprint of millions. For his positive impact on people and planet Josh was named a Champion of Change by then president Obama. Josh’s company was also named one of the most innovative companies in transportation by Fast Company before being acquired by the Ford Motor Company to form Ford Smart Mobility.

Josh also co-founded one of the first urban farms in the southeastern United States. Still in operation today, the one-acre urban farm helps thousands of people each year to participate in a more beautiful food system.

His latest planetary innovation is

In this episode you will hear about his work, what it means to be a soil maker, why is it so important, and more.

Some notes…

More about 1treellion & MakeSoil.

How to make a compost bin, useful information.

To support planting all over the world, please check out this link.

The great music is credited to Pixabay.

Tali Orad Founder of 1treellion - Engineer - TEDx speaker - Serial entrepreneur - host of The Butterfly Effect Podcast

Tali Orad is an engineer, TEDx speaker, and serial entrepreneur. She is the founder of an NGO with the mission to collectively make a meaningful global impact by bringing communities together to plant trees and help mitigate the effects of climate change.

Tali’s first NGO came about after she saved the life of a dying baby, resulting in her founding an NGO to raise awareness of CPR education.
She is a Thrive guest contributor, the host of The Butterfly Effect podcast, and a frequent speaker.

Tali believes in the power of people to make a change and hopes with the help of the people she can help our planet.

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