1. Karen and John - Are You Ready to Become a New Manager? 32:44

Always good to be back in the studio with my friend and colleague Karen Shulman! This week we tackle the challenge of Moving into management for the first time and how to do it without falling into The Bosshole® Zone.  Enjoy!

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John Broer Bosshole® Prevention Specialist

John Broer is a Principal and Co-Founder at Real Good Ventures, a talent optimization and business execution consultancy based in Ohio that he co-founded with his partner Sara Best. He is the creator and co-host of “The Bosshole®Chronicles” podcast which is ranked in the top 10% of podcasts worldwide provides a forum in which to discuss the challenges we face when we encounter Bossholes and how organizations can work to create a Bosshole-Free culture. John has been an organizational performance consultant for over 30 years with experience in a wide variety of industries and markets. As a certified Talent Optimization Consultant, John’s areas of expertise have included corporate learning, leadership and team development, people analytics, and disrupting the outdated practices that are holding organizations back from realizing their true potential. John has been published multiple times by Chief Learning Officer and Training Industry Magazine and has extensive experience presenting to international as well as regional audiences.