1. Online Classes, Your Website and Entrepreneurship featuring Alyssa Marshall with Owwlish Beefy Marketing 51:28

Tune in as we are joined by Alyssa Marshall of Owwlish to discuss the importance of pursuing one’s passions and how no-code tools can help individuals invest in their passions without having to worry about the technical aspects of building a course platform. Alyssa shares her experience with creating an online course platform and how she designed it to be user-friendly for those who want to focus on teaching rather than website design or payment collection. We also discuss the evolution of online course platforms over time and how they have become more accessible for creators. Alyssa emphasizes the importance of starting small with a mini-course and letting audience feedback guide the creation of future courses. The conversation then shifts to discussing Alyssa’s company, Owwlish, which helps others create their own online courses easily. The ideal fit for Owwlish is someone who wants to create a course but doesn’t want to deal with the technical side of things.


00:00:00 Small Business Origins: Exploring The Real Stories Of Entrepreneurs And Businesses Across The Nation

00:02:28 Struggling With Sleep Debt As A Full-time Firefighter

00:08:21 Challenges Of Running An Online Course Business With Outdated Technology

00:11:53 Making A Big Decision: The Excitement And Challenges Of Changing Course In Life

00:17:29 Growing Up Privileged And Comparing Cultures

00:20:05 The Transformation Of Owlish And Its Ideal Client

00:25:29 The Importance Of No Code Tools For Pursuing Passion Projects.

00:27:58 Benefits Of Keeping Everything Under One Umbrella For Long-term Success

00:31:11 The Power Of Video In Online Learning

00:33:39 Let Your Audience Guide You: Building A Mini Course To A Master Class

00:36:52 Course Platform Offers Easy Course Creation With Drag-and-drop Functionality

00:40:45 Unclear Topic Leads To Name Change For Podcast

00:46:28 Variety In Course Length And Usage On Online Platforms


“I’m given “The 4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferris. I finally was able to acknowledge to myself that I will be miserable for the rest of my life if I stay on this career track. It felt like a blueprint.” – Alyssa Marshall

“You download it because it sounds fine. And then do you open it, how much do you actually utilize it? You just don’t, we all are busy and like a little thing of PDF, it just leaves our mind. It’s not substantial enough to take up our brain space versus if it’s a free course. A video, it is a lot more engaging and you just feel like you’re kind of with that person in a more intimate way.” – Alyssa Marshall

Key Takeaways:

The podcast transcript covers various topics, including growing up privileged, the importance of keeping everything under one umbrella for a course platform, and the flexibility of online courses. The speaker also discusses the ease of building a course on their platform and how creators can utilize it to sell their courses.

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