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June 11th, 2024

112. [Re-release] Expert Advice For Holding Yourself Accountable On Your Solo Journey with Anne Bachrach

  1. 112. [Re-release] Expert Advice For Holding Yourself Accountable On Your Solo Journey with Anne Bachrach 26:14

We speak with a lot of solopreneurs every week, and have started to see a pattern with some of the most successful ones: they have accountability partners or accountability groups.

Because this has come up so much recently, we want to pull an episode from the vault that we recorded over a year ago, fittingly called: Expert Advice For Holding Yourself Accountable On Your Solo Journey.

In this episode we had on The Accountability Pit-Bull,”  Anne Bachrach, who says that having someone to answer to on a regular basis about your progress is a powerful motivator. 

She believes that personal accountability is the single most powerful tool to help professionals improve their businesses and overall quality of life. 

We had her on to discuss things like:

  • What an accountability coach is and why it’s important to work with one
  • What to look for in an accountability coach
  • The type of person in a solopreneur’s life that does not make for a good accountability partner
  • Common things solopreneurs do that unknowingly sabotage their careers
  • The types of systems that can be put in place to make solopreneurs personally accountable in achieving their goals
  • Patterns with high achievers
  • The most important thing solopreneurs can do to achieve greater success and improve their personal accountability

Plus so much more. So be sure to tune in!

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