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June 4th, 2024

111. Are Goals and Accountability Groups the Keys to Work/Life Balance? with Tanya Alvarez

  1. 111. Are Goals and Accountability Groups the Keys to Work/Life Balance? with Tanya Alvarez 22:04

Can you have your cake and eat it too? So many solopreneurs want a successful business that also allows them to live the life they want to live, but finding that work/life balance can be hard.

Well, today we’re joined by Tanya Alvarez who is on a mission to help people crush it at work and still win at home.

Tanya started her first New York Ad Agency when she was just 25. Without a trust fund or rich uncle, she relied on her credit cards and a truckload of determination. And with that, in just one year, she turned that agency into a million-dollar business.

But that’s not all – while building her company, she also traveled to over 42 countries, completed the Boston and NYC Marathons, and even finished a Half Ironman. 


Oh, and did we mention she was dealing with a rare condition that causes brittle bones through all of that?

Pretty impressive.

We invited her on the show to discuss things like:

  • How to navigate through distractions when they are everywhere
  • Tactics to supercharge daily productivity
  • How to structure a practical blueprint to materialize work-life equilibrium through accountability groups

Plus so much more! Be sure to tune in.

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