1. The Psychological Price That Entrepreneurs Pay for Success Anne Bachrach 10:42

It can be challenging to imagine that entrepreneurship comes with a psychological price considering how much the media glamorizes it. Most people only see the lavish and exciting lifestyles of high-profile entrepreneurs. That is why it is important to pay attention to the psychological price that entrepreneurs pay and work to avoid it.

But this makes up a small percentage of the overall business owner population. Most entrepreneurs don't own private jets, and they don't party with well-known celebrities or live extravagantly. However, this doesn't mean that their life is all set out for them either. Just like other leaders, they also pay the psychological price of achieving their dreams and maintaining their success.

Bradley Smith is the prime example of unequivocal business success behind which hid the fear of failure, stress-ridden anxiety, and the constant feeling of not being enough. Smith is the CEO of Rescue One Financial, a California-based financial service company that, on average, makes $32 million/year in sales.

In 2008, Bradley Smith was working day and night, counseling nervous clients on getting out of debt. But while he gave them advice, Smith was drowning in debt himself.

Smith had a steep beginning; working with a debt settlement company, maxing out his credit card, selling his very first and most expensive watch, and doing business with family by asking his dad for a $10,000 loan. 

Smith and his wife were living off of scraps, making the best of what they had, and sharing only a bottle of wine for dinner. He would wake up in the middle of the night with his mind racing, wondering, 'how can I ever turn this thing off?' 


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