1. The Hybrid Work Revolution: Balancing Family, Work, and Connection Mitch Simon & Brett Putter 31:29

In this episode of Team Anywhere, Mitch and Brett highlight the critical role of human-centric leadership in thriving hybrid workplaces. Brett Putter reveals how connectedness is fostered through strategic structures rather than just physical presence. Focusing on emotional proximity, they explore one-on-one meetings as a trust-building tool and the importance of managers knowing their team members’ personal and professional landscapes. The episode underscores intentional engagement, celebrating “moments that matter,” and understanding the human aspect of remote work. Successful hybrid strategies emphasize leaders’ efforts in relationship-building, recognition, and strengthening social capital for high-performing teams.

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Mitch Simon Host of the Team Anywhere Podcast

As CEO of Simon Leadership Alliance, Mitch brings decades of experience in leadership development, organizational change, and team performance optimization. He's known for his unique approach to leadership, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge strategies to inspire teams to reach new heights.

Mitch's influence extends beyond the boardroom as the host of the Team Anywhere Podcast, where he shares insights, interviews, and strategies for building high-performing teams in today's remote and distributed work environments. With his engaging style and wealth of knowledge, Mitch empowers listeners to lead with confidence and adaptability, no matter where their teams are located.