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#172 – IRS vs. DOD: Diverse Strategies in Teleworking and Employee Management

  1. #172 - IRS vs. DOD: Diverse Strategies in Teleworking and Employee Management Mitch Simon & Brett Putter 30:58

In the latest episode of “Team Anywhere,” hosts Mitch Simon and Brett Putter delve into contemporary challenges in organizational cultures, specifically focusing on human-centric leadership. They discuss the contrasting telework policies of the IRS and DOD, highlighting the DOD’s push towards flexible work arrangements to attract talent and stay competitive. The episode emphasizes the need for training DOD managers in outcome-based leadership and maintaining effective communication in remote settings. The hosts also explore the implications of the IRS’s mandatory office return policy, probing its impact on work-life balance, leadership trust, and organizational culture, underpinning the vital role of human-centric leadership in modern workplaces.

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Mitch Simon Host of the Team Anywhere Podcast

As CEO of Simon Leadership Alliance, Mitch brings decades of experience in leadership development, organizational change, and team performance optimization. He's known for his unique approach to leadership, blending traditional wisdom with cutting-edge strategies to inspire teams to reach new heights.

Mitch's influence extends beyond the boardroom as the host of the Team Anywhere Podcast, where he shares insights, interviews, and strategies for building high-performing teams in today's remote and distributed work environments. With his engaging style and wealth of knowledge, Mitch empowers listeners to lead with confidence and adaptability, no matter where their teams are located.

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